Registration Procedure

1. Registration location (TBD)

At the time of registration, a special service desk will be set up at the exhibition site to provide "one-stop" service for exhibitors.


2. Registration time

Exhibitors and guests: May 9, 2019, from 9:00 to 17:00


3. Registration method

The exhibitors will be able to register with the original documents of the booth and the receipts to the register to register for the registration documents, to receive the exhibits and to participate in the exhibition.


4. Promotional activities

All exhibitors should inform the organizer in writing before April 30 if they hold raffle, prize guessing and other promotional activities during the exhibition.


5. Insurance

The organizer has insured the exhibition liability insurance for this exhibition, but the insurance coverage does not cover the loss of exhibits and equipment, property losses and personal casualties caused by the intentional or illegal acts of the insured or his employees.