Food Vendor Application/Agreement


Vendor Application Process:

  • Download our fillable PFD(click the icon on the right), complete Application and submit to Yolanda Arteaga at

  • Upon Selection Submit Payment:

    • Check made payable to our fiscal agent: 

      • CECU(Committee of Enterprise & Commerce United)

    • Please return payment in full by April 10, 2019 to:


              6085 Twain Ave. #208

              Las Vegas, NV 89103


For questions contact: Yolanda Arteaga at




  • Each Booth space includes:

    • One 10'x10' Tent rental with additional 10x10 space for cooking in the back

    • One 8'x3' Banquet Table rental (not to be taken at the end of event)

    • 2 Folding Chairs rental (not to be taken at the end of event)

    • Power

      • List Cooking Equipment requiring electrical power: (ie. Rice cooker, refrigerator/freezer, cash registers, lights)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    • Lighting will NOT be included (please bring your own)

    • ** See Below


  • Food Truck Dimensions: (Length by Width by Height (using foot measurements)) _____________________________________________

  • Power will be included

    • Electrical Plug # ___________________

      • See attached "Wiring Devices - Selection Guide" in vendor email received.

      • This is to ensure there are no disruptions of power service throughout the event time

  • ONLY out of state (or out of county) food trucks will be allowed to stay onsite overnight. 

  • ALL local food trucks will need to go to their commissary locations.

  • **See Below

3% per transaction POS/RFID System(Magic Money) system is required for all FOOD TRUCKS & FOOD BOOTHS


$250 REFUNDABLE VENDOR DEPOSIT subject to immediate cashing and will be returned upon satisfactory completion of Vendor Checkout within 30 days after event completion.

  • POS/RFID System (Magic Money) equipment is required for all FOOD TRUCKS & FOOD BOOTHS

  • Some examples of reasons you will not receive refund of Vendor Deposit:

    • Excessive trash left in your area

    • Oil or any stains left on the lot

    • Leaving event before it ended and not completing your participation. NO EXCEPTIONS

    • Taking chairs, tables, lights, sidewalls or any items not belonging to you or your company. Additional fees will apply.

    • Moving tables, chairs, lights, sidewalls to your booth that were not ordered (this is unethical and unacceptable)

    • Causing any damage to equipment or event site (may incur additional cost depending on damage caused)


WARNING: Subject to additional cleaning fee ($200) and additional charges for damaged POS/RFID System ($500).


This is to notify you that if you are found to be responsible for additional cleaning or damaged POS/RFID System, the additional Cleaning Fee or damaged POS/RFID System fee will be charged to you in addition to losing your $250 vendor deposit.

Please take the necessary precautions to keep your areas clean and not cause any damage to the property.

See layout (when available) for trash dumpster location and grey water tanks provided. The event grounds are not your trash dumping area.




**SNHD Permit: Southern NV Health District Permit # (must be provided per SNHD)


**COI (Certificate of Insurance)as mandated by CECU/ACTLV and Downtown Summerlin


**SALES TAX  Must post “Sales Tax Included in Price” in the vendor booth/space. Each vendor is responsible to report and pay sales tax directly to the NV Sales Tax Division.


**PROMOTION: Food Booth and Food Truck vendors will be REQUIRED to post their participation on their social media/website up to 2 weeks prior to event dates. 


Organizer: CECU (Committee of Enterprise & Commerce United)

Food Vendor Application/Agreement Form

Contact Us if you have any questions about this application. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for submitting!