2019 US CHINA Cultural Tourism Festival Application Form

Exhibitor's information

​​Exhibitors registration and payment

Registration and payment:

Upon receipt of the registration form and all the fees, we will confirm the qualifications of the applicants through the official website of the event (www.) through the network office system, and issue detailed information such as "Guidelines for Participation", "Booth Confirmation Letter" and "Booth Distribution Map".


Payment method:


1,Bank name: Wells Fargo

Address:   4425 Spring Mountain Rd.

                  Las Vegas, Nv. 89102

Phone:      702 368-5900

International Swift code: WFBIUS6S

Domestic:  RTN 121000248

Account holder’s name: CECU Investment Group LLC

Account  Number:  6765803959

Address:6085 W.Twain Ave.  Suite 208, Las Vegas, Nv.89103


Fee: $16 USD for income wire


2, Western Union:

To:Rone Chang

Phone Number:702 929-8888

6085 W.Twain Ave. Suite 208, Las Vegas. Nv. 89103  


(1) booth allocation


The booth will be allocated according to the order of application, the size of the booth and the requirements of the exhibitors. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the location of the booth.


(2) booth rental price


1. standard booth


Each standard booth covers an area of 10 X 10 feet (3 m x 3 M = 9 square meters), and each exhibitor rents at least one booth. Each booth contains two chairs, a negotiation table, a consulting desk, a lintel board, a spotlight, a waste basket, and a power outlet.


2. super booth (priced according to the scheduled package / unit)


Each booth area is 20X20 feet (18 square meters). Each booth contains four chairs, a negotiation table, a consulting desk, a lintel board, two spotlights, a waste basket, and a power outlet.


It is not allowed to rent or transfer the booth itself.


(3) preferential principle


(1) Those who sign up for the exhibition before December 30, 2018 and pay the full fee can enjoy a 10% discount for each standard booth (the US dollar is calculated at the exchange rate on the day of payment, whichever is the date of remittance voucher).


(2) a free booth will be provided for every 10 standard booths (including 10).


(4) Retreat


(1) Units requiring withdrawal must submit their applications in writing to the sponsors by April 9, 2019.


(2) a refund of 20% will be deducted from the implementation of the withdrawal procedure.


(3) No refund shall be granted to those units that have received a written application for refund or have not attended the exhibition since April 9, 2019 (whichever is the postmark).


(4) when the refund is made, the bank charges will be paid from the refund item. All refund will be arranged after 6 and 9 2019.


(5) The organizer will reserve the right to make temporary amendments to these provisions and to formulate new supplementary provisions at any time according to the actual situation.


(6) Those interested in participating in the exhibition can sign up for the exhibition on the Internet at www. Meanwhile, they can consult more information.


(5) Build


The American building company designated by the principal is responsible for building. (see booth construction)

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