Major Activities and Schedules


May 10th (Friday) --10:00-11:00 (opening ceremony)

May 10th (Friday) --11:00-21:00 (exhibition activities)

May 11th (Saturday) --10:00-21:00 (exhibition activities)

May 12th (Sunday) --10:00-17:00 (exhibition activities)

May 12th (Sunday) --17:00-23:00 (withdrawal)

May 12th (Sunday) --18:30-20:00 (dinner)


Main contents:  US - CHINA tourist attractions, tourism city exhibition and promotion.


Exhibition and performance of world heritage culture


Exhibition of tourist commodities, folk handicrafts and artworks


National folk song and dance performance and display


Asian Food Festival

3. Location: Downtown Summerlin Shopping Center


(1) press conference and leader meeting


1, time: Friday, May 3rd (15:00-16:00)

2, location:


(2) opening ceremony of Cultural Tourism Festival


1, time: Friday, May 10th (10:00-11:00)

2, location: site of the desert forest mall

3, Chinese and American government officials, distinguished guests, exhibitors, students and so on.


(3) thematic special evening party


1. The Special Promotion Meeting of Chinese Cultural Tourism and the Special Evening of Folk Traditional Songs and Dances


Recommendation: "the charm of China's intangible cultural heritage".

Shaolin martial arts, Beijing opera performance, etc.

Time: Friday, May 10th (17:00-19:00)

Venue: the site of the desert forest mall.


2. The night of national singing and dancing Carnival (preliminary development of Torch Festival of Yi nationality)


Special attraction and special song and Dance Gala



1, the hospitable Yi family -- the performance of Sani Toast Song

2, the Yi People's inspiring team, Sani Da Sanxian and wrestling performance.

3, spectators participate in the game - face painting and face touching each other.

4, food taste --- Yi family roasted whole sheep.

5, throwing Hydrangea - gifts from Sani folk embroidery


Time: Saturday, May 11th (17:00-19:00)

Venue: Downtown Summerlin Shopping Center


3. Special exhibition and experience of Chinese and American traditional festivals


1, the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival shows Chinese traditional culture.


This festival has a certain reputation in western countries, and it is suggested that Chinese interested delegations perform it.



1, song and dance performances (Chinese Culture)

2, Dragon Boat Festival taste delicious food

3, the other


Time: Saturday, May 11th (13:00-15:00)

Venue: Festival site of desert forest mall


2, national festival exhibition (preliminary draft water festival for Dai people)


The audience is strong and the atmosphere is lively.



1, Dai Folk Songs and dances - Zan ha, elephant foot drum and peacock dance performance.

2, hand embroidery, Dai Book of Songs - beye gold display.

3, the audience participates in the game --- holding hands and dancing the Dai People's blessing dance together.

4, delicious food tasting new year cake.

5, water splashing performance.


The content of the activity is wonderful.


Time: Saturday, May 11th (13:00-15:00)

Venue: Festival site of desert forest mall


Organizers will invite or arrange exhibitions of western traditional festivals.


(6) Turisthotellet Management Symposium -- to enhance and share opportunities together.

(visiting Turisthotellet management major, Nevada State University of Las Vegas)


Jointly organized by Las Vegas University of Nevada (plan to be determined)

1, time: 5, Friday, 10 (Friday)

2, location: Nevada State University of Las Vegas


Visit the Nevada State University of Las Vegas and hold a symposium


(7) Closing dinner


1, time: Sunday, May 12th (18:30-20:00)

2, location: RED ROCK HOTEL (five star hotel)


If the time and place of the above activities are adjusted, please refer to the latest notice of the organizing committee.