[2019 US-CHINA Cultural Tourism Festival]

Exhibition plan

Exhibition Overview

The first US-CHINA Cultural Tourism Festival will be held in Las Vegas from May 10 to May 12, 2019. At that time, exhibitors from Chinese and American cultural, tourism and handicraft industries will be invited to participate in the exhibition.

The event will be held in the form of exhibitions, bringing many wonderful themes, including Chinese and American tourist cities, scenic spots, world heritage and intangible cultural heritage (traditional handicraft, music, dance, works of art), to the United States in Las Vegas-"The Capital of World Tourism, Exhibition and Entertainment" to the United States, world visitors to display, promote sales and marketing. During the event, Asian Tourism Commodities and Food Festival will be held at the same time. Food vendors from the United States and Asia will show their spectators wonderful and unique cooking skills.

Exhibition Advantages

The US-CHINA Cultural Tourism Festival will bring great benefits to exhibitors: through holding tourism promotion meetings, promotional activities, exhibition and sales of tourism products, art performances, tourists will be fully introduced to their tourism resources, the charm of world heritage and intangible cultural heritage, meeting with many potential customers, and establishing extensive business contacts. Obtain the greatest business and cooperation opportunities, and discuss and exchange international tourism management and future development with experts in Tourism Hotel management. The US-CHINA Cultural Tourism Festival will be held once a year to build a platform for promoting sales, information interaction and cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and American exhibitors.

With excellent exhibition facilities and services, Las Vegas, known as the "Olympic" of global tourism, has attracted people from all walks of life from all walks of life to Las Vegas to participate in business activities, conferences and exhibitions, cultural exchanges and tourism. In 2017, the exhibition industry will achieve double-digit growth, promote the overall development of tourism, and receive visitors to Las Vegas. About 45000000 people are the most foreign tourists in the United States.

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